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Our Process

Through our unique process, we will guide you
through preparing to retire confidently. 

The first step is to help you gain clarity about what you want to accomplish. Most people have vague goals. Many are anxious about retirement because they lack clarity. We discuss your dreams and goals, explore the possibilities, and acknowledge the limits and boundaries.

With a clear picture of the future we can begin planning. We map out a path together. We consider the “what if’s” and create contingency plans. We stress test your portfolio to help protect your dreams from being compromised by downturns in the market. We evaluate your current portfolio so that it makes sense for you emotionally, mathematically, and intellectually. There are only five things you can control when planning for retirement:

  • How much you spend
  • How much you save
  • How much risk you take
  • When you decide to retire
  • How much you want to leave
In drawing up the blueprint we help you make the decisions to find the right balance of these five possibilities for you.

Now that we have a plan, it’s time to get excited. Too many people simply retire from something – we want to help you retire to something. What’s your bucket list? Let’s figure out what’s keeping you from those dreams, carve out some time for yourself, and set up a timetable to accomplish them.

As we move toward retirement we will monitor your progress and help keep you on track through the what-ifs of life.

When you are comfortable that you will be okay and your family will be okay it helps make your world be okay. You can achieve a sense of calm knowing that your bases are covered. We will do “lifeboat drills” to walk through the distribution of your state, make sure everything goes where you wanted to go, and reaffirm your decisions. We will make the bridge to plan into the next generation, develop gifting and philanthropic strategies, and plan your legacy.

Contact us to see how our process can help you.